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PetroZone Portal


P97 PetroZone’s Omni-Channel Marketing Portal allows companies to create channel-based messages that are tied to offers and promotions across sites.

Doing so creates greater brand loyalty, drives in-store traffic, and increases basket size and frequency of purchase. It also provides digital messaging (a.k.a. offer) capabilities within this module and two new communication channels –email and short message services (SMS).

With this powerful tool, the portal managers/users can communicate meaningfully to their mobile end-users with a combination of multiple, or all channels, to be pushed at once. Advanced targeting and filtering may be applied depending on the intent of the offer and behaviors.

Offers & Promos Demo

One of my tasks was to create internal video documentation for clients and walk them through the Offers feature of the portal. The walkthrough would show clients a step by step process to creating digital offers and marketing campaigns.

Offers Homepage

The user is able to see previous offers that have been previously created. The client is able to see the Title, Image, Type of Offer, Start and End Dates, Display Type, if it is a Featured Deal or not and the Status of the offer.

Offers: Details & Design

The user is able to choose if the offer is either a deal or a promotion. The user is able to enter the Headline, Description and Supplemental Copy of the offer. The user is able to enter the Link Type and the url it is linked with. The user is able to add an image for the offer.

Offers: Display Options

The user is able to narrow down the users by setting up target audiences, sites and triggers.

Audience Ex. Account Age, 0-30 days

Sites Ex: Geolocation, Houston TX 77459

Triggers Ex: Time of the Day, 12 pm - 3 pm

Offers: Discounts/Rewards

The user is able to choose a discount type (Fuel vs. Product). The user is able to enter the Discount Amount and the Redemption Limit.