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CenterPoint Energy Campaign - Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

Print, Environmental

The Ask 

• Come up with a mix of marketing channels and campaign strategy to improve sales in the Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois districts.

• A testing strategy to measure success of channels and strategy – what is being tested, design of test, how it’s randomized, how data is being collected/analyzed

• Spend for media mix/strategy

• Type of responses we can expect from the marketplace

• Explanation of how responses are going to be measured

• Recover strategy


Generate Interactions.

 • Encourage brand interaction.

Direct Purchase.

 • Focus on ROI.

Create Unique Contact Points.

 • Meet consumers where they wouldn’t expect.

Reinforce Brand Image.

 • Create a solid brand image.


Generate repeat purchase/loyalty.

 • Encourage consumers to choose and stick with CenterPoint Energy.

Foster Buzz.

 • Consumer generated content.

Testing Strategy 

Mixed Market Testing - Where & Why?

We picked 6 key DMA’s: 3 suburb based and 3 urban based cities

• Cincinnati

• Cleveland

• Indianapolis

• Evansville

• Chicago

• Champaign and Springfield-Decatur

These will be our test DMA’s and the other DMA’s in the state will serve as the control DMA’s . We will roll out our media strategy and creative in the DMA’s and based on the results, whichever mix is most successful will be rolled out to the rest of the state.

Media Mix


Campaign Statement

At the Center of Your Home brings CES closer to customers—literally into their homes. Initial TV spots will show how natural gas and CES are a part of the consumers’ life at every stage creating a familiarity and emotional connection with the brand. Additional messaging in other media will reinforce this message and inspire customers to choose CenterPoint Energy as their natural gas provider not only because of the prices but also because they will see CenterPoint Energy as a part of their home.


At the Center of Your Home for Over 140 Years.

At the Center of Your Home leverages CenterPoint Energy’s current legacy statement and pairs with many of the current YOU campaign statements.

You Statements

Statements highlight CenterPoint Energy’s legacy and great prices.

• Serving YOU For Over A Century

• Giving YOU The Best Energy Rates

• Helping YOU Save Money and Energy


Commerical Storyboards


A/B Testing with Google Ad Words

Option A

Option B

A/B Testing with Zines

Option A

Option B

Budget Breakdown

Responses from the Marketplace

Direct Response and Awareness:

  • We created our campaign with goals of direct response and awareness in mind.

  • We expect to see sign ups using the mediums we have provided.

  • We expect the new markets to be more knowledgeable about CenterPoint Energy Services as well as the natural gas industry.